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FileDiva – Search and Download Any Files Like a Real Diva


How many time did you waste a huge amount of time while searching a file on the internet, whatever it is a movie, a song, an e-book, a game or else? How many time did you switch from file search engine to file search engine to increase your chances to find what you’re looking for without succeeding? Well, one knows how annoying it can quickly get. That why FileDiva have been created. To make your file searches easier and quicker.

FileDiva is a multiple file search engine that search on dozens of file search engine (filestube, filetram, sharedir,…) at the same time and display all the results at once and in one single page. Which is not only very practical but also an excellent way to ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for.
Therefore, FileDiva offers a chrome extension to make things even simplier, with drag-and drop search, direct-box search and right-click search options. Now you can search and download files like a real “Diva”.

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